Find The College(S) & Universities That Are Best For You

One of the most daunting thing for Indian students seeking higher education in the US is to find the right Colleges or Universities. This is due to the fact that the US has thousands of high quality institutions of learning. At AcadUSA, we can help you through this process with a data-driven approach to sorting through thousands of accredited colleges, universities and technical schools. Thereafter our experts interact with you to arrive at a final list of 3 to 5 Universities or colleges. The following are some of the factors that we consider:

– Chance of admittance
– Financial considerations beyond just tuition
– Actual total living costs (housing, food, transportation, etc.)
– Scholarships/ Fellowships
– Course offerings and curriculum flexibility
– Personal preferences for your overall experience
– Geographical location
– Locale (city, urban, or somewhere in between
– Demographic statistics and international student population

We find the institution(s) that are the absolute best fit for you.

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