Why AcadUSA?

We are the US-based experts that the so-called ‘experts’ outside the US pay for the advise and counsel you receive.

We have decided that we want to be available directly for the students so that they can get the best advise without having to go through ‘in-betweens’. We are starting this website on a small scale. We want to have a small and select clientele so that we can provide the best possible service that we can. We will not make unrealistic promises and create false expectations. We will parse through your academic achievements and goals and advise you towards a most realistic pathway for achieving a US education and career. The Education Counselors that you will be interacting with are all US based. They are Professors, University Student Recruiters, entrepreneurs, current and former employees of US based blue-chip companies. Our counselors have been in US Universities and Colleges of all shapes and sizes, which range from ‘Ivy League’ Universities to the more non-descript ones. They have lived and pursued education and careers in all parts of the United States, i.e. Urban, Suburban, Rural, etc. We will scrutinize your profile and match you up with the most appropriate counselor.

We recognize that there is more to you than your desired degree, test scores & financial goals. Your overall educational experience will be of utmost importance to us. To that end we will make considerations about your:
-Intellectual interests
-Career aspirations
-Preference on type of campus, location and cultural experience
-On/off-campus resources

If you opt for the Comprehensive Package, we will guide you through every step of the process. We will provide you with the following assistances over the course of a calendar year:
-Document Center to Organize Info
-3 hr FREE Phone/Skype time
-Identify up-to 30 ‘best’ schools & 5-7 ‘best-fit’ schools
-Help with SOPs
-Complimentary review/edit of important correspondences
-Assistance with discovery of assistant-ship, fellowship and/or internship opportunities
-Visa Consultation
-Our goal is to make this process simple & easy
-Workshop to edit and refine your essays
-Comprehensive checklist to meet all application requirements
-Admissions packet review before final application
-Help communicating with officials

Additionally the students who opt for the Comprehensive Package will also receive counsel for the following situations:
-Making the best choice when a student has received acceptances to multiple colleges
-Choosing from multiple scholarships from various institutions
-No acceptance letters
-Ways to secure financial aid
-Tuition payment plans

You can also opt for getting specific pin-point assistance. We offer the following ‘Piece-meal’ services:
-Identify up-to 30 ‘best’ schools & 5-7 ‘best-fit’ schools
-SOP Consultancy/Editing
-Final application packet review
-1-on-1 Skype conversations (30min sessions)
-1-on-1 Skype conversations (60min sessions)
-Email/ Correspondence Review for 1 institution
-Airport Pick-up/Housing Assistance (DC-metro, OR, WA State)

Our services are going to be student-centric. We will look out for your best interest and will be upfront and honest with you for any given situation. In addition to the experience from helping others, our staff and affiliates have
personally dealt with just about any situation that can arise during the admissions process. This makes ideally suited to provide you with the correct insight at every step of the way!

Please sign-up today and let us help you achieve a US education and career!