Services Guide

What can AcadUSA do for you?

We are a team of USA-based academic placement experts, with unique insight and relations in academia. Let us help you shape your applications to reflect what educational institutions in the US are looking for in their students. Our goal is to ‘market’ you effectively to US colleges and universities where you have the best chance of admissions and success.

Our small and dedicated team can only accommodate a limited number of prospective students. Contact us today to see how we can be of help

FREE Services

  • AcadUSA will provide for you a wide variety of information in the Resources section of the page that covers a wide-range of topics that begins from the overall timeline of the application process, to money management and housing once you arrive in the USA. The resources section is constantly being updated and is available for free to any visitor
  • Sign-up for a personalized website portal and interact with our specialists through one FREE webinar
  • We will also consider students with high merit from low income families for substantial discounts and free services

Paid Services

AcadUSA provides piece-meal services and a Comprehensive Package. For all of these services, students will undergo a Detailed Inquiry Process designed to help us get a clear picture of your financial goals, intellectual interests, career aspirations, as well as the type of overall educational experience (location and cultural characteristics etc.) that you prefer. We shall recommend and gear you to obtain admission and financial aid (in deserving cases) at the most suitable educational institution in USA. To this end, we shall keep in mind the financial resources you have at your disposal.

The piece-meal and packaged services are designed to fit the needs of the vast majority of our clients. If your needs differ, contact us and we will work with you to meet your specific requirements.


  • A complimentary phone/skype-based information gathering session in addition to the online Detailed Enquiry Form
  • Unlimited access to the bi-weekly WEBINARS to discuss your general admissions-related questions
  • Two (2) hours of Skype (or Telephone) conversations with AcadUSA admissions experts for questions specific to your admissions needs; i.e. VISA application, applications for scholarships and fellowships, etc.
  • Additional consultancy with AcadUSA experts to finalize your list of institutions for applications
    • Contact us through email about any questions you may have throughout the entire application process
  • AcadUSA will provide a checklist of all relevant deadlines and required documents for successful applications to every institution in your final list
  • Complimentary consulting and editing of two (2) essays
  • Assistance with discovery of assistantship, fellowship and/or internship opportunities, on- and off-campus based on your academic background, career interests and location of campus
  • Assistance in reviewing/editing up to 20 correspondences (crafting emails, letters etc.) with University officials and Professors crucial for your ability to secure admissions
  • Application packet review before final submissions
  • Complimentary advising after you receive your admissions decisions
  • Contact us through email about any questions you have through the entire application process
  • Complimentary advising for VISA matters

Piece-meal services are for individuals that are seeking targeted assistance on specific steps of the admissions process.

We are here to talk to you regardless of what stage of the application process you are in. These conversations aim to address any questions, concerns and confusions you may have regarding all aspects of your educational experience in the US. Signing up is simple, and we will walk you through reserving a time with one of our experts and we will survey the topics that you are interested in at the time of sign-up. The survey is crucial, allowing our academic experts to conduct any necessary research and preparation before your paid time with us begins.
The time you purchase can be utilized in any way you see fit; either all in one sitting or, you can space out our conversations over multiple sessions.

Writing essays for college/university admissions is a complex task. A successful statement of purpose, for example, has to demonstrate a candidate’s technical grasp of the English language to effectively communicate a compelling set of reasons to merit consideration for admissions. We know what colleges and universities are looking for in a candidate’s personal statement. With this service, we will edit your essays for: 1) grammatical correctness and, 2) recommend changes to make them more effective and unique. We are however, NOT an essay mill, and will only work on original content. Be very wary of common themes and inconsistencies that admission authorities look for to identify essays that are clearly not original. Although crafting a written piece may seem daunting in the beginning, let us help you with step-by-step assistance.

Official correspondence (usually conducted through emails) can be just as important as effectively crafting your admissions materials. Miscommunications happen, let us edit and clarify your correspondence with any official. We will first establish what you intend to communicate, and then we will edit/suggest changes to your emails accordingly. We will work with you to avoid delays as we understand that replies to correspondence need to be sent out as quickly as possible.

Webinar is a web-based seminar where participants from around the world can listen to, and participate in a lecture given by AcadUSA experts. Our webinars are a place for you to:
1) get an overview of valuable information regarding your educational experience in the US,
2) ask general questions at the end of the talk and,
3) learn briefly about how AcadUSA services may be useful to you.
We will survey the topics that you are interested in at the time of sign-up and cater our talk based on the comments/questions we receive. Each of these biweekly webinars are approximately one (1) hr long and includes up to 30 minutes for the question and answer session. Questions may be entered through built-in live chat feature as well. Please keep in mind that although we will attempt to address every question we receive, we may not be able to get to every one of your queries in the allotted time. Moreover, detailed series of personal questions that require individual attention is better suited for our 1-on-1 Skype conversations.

We will review all materials in any single application packet for you before you make your final submission. In this case, our goal is to look for any irregularities and inconsistencies in your application as a whole. In this one-time transaction, you will receive back your application packet annotated with comments, edits and suggestions within 7 business days.

Hundreds of scholarship opportunities are available even for international students depending on educational, familial and socio-economical background. Additionally, the government, independent organizations and universities offer a wide variety of fellowships (research, teaching and departmental) that you may qualify for. AcadUSA will conduct research to identify opportunities that you qualify to apply for. We will provide these services for FREE to students with high merit, i.e. >3.9 GPA.

Your first day in the US may be your most stressful. We can ease the burden by:
1) coordinating with you before you leave your native country to find and reserve a safe place for you to live and,
2) picking you up from the airport on your day of arrival and dropping you off to start your new chapter in life.
Only available in select regions of the US.