Why AcadUSA?

Why AcadUSA?

AcadUSA is US-based, and led by engineering PhD’s with first-hand knowledge and experience of navigating through all levels of academia in USA. AcadUSA is staffed in the US with a small number of professionals that comprise the research team and academic experts dedicated to your success. We also have the expertise of active faculty members in reputed US academic institutions with experience in student advising, recruitment and placement. AcadUSA also has local affiliates across India and the Middle-East who are available for in-person guidance. AcadUSA will work with you to identify and take advantage of the highest quality educational opportunities that you qualify for.

All US-based leadership with decades of experience, starting from 1979 in gaining graduate and undergraduate education in US; coupled with local affiliates that are always within your reach.
Key personnel:
Neilanjan Dutta, PhD

    • Bachelor of science, Electrical engineering, The catholic university of America, Washington D.C.
    • Doctor of philosophy, electrical engineering, the University of Delaware; Newark, Delaware

Dipankar Dutta, PhD

      • Bachelor of science, Bioengineering, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland
      • Doctor philosophy, Biomedical Engineering, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
      • Post-Doctoral Fellow, Biomedical Engineering, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona

Affiliate and staff alma-maters include: Vanderbilt University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Missouri University of Science and Technology. Montgomery community college, etc.

  • There is more to you than your desired degree, test scores & financial goals
  • We go beyond the obvious by establishing and learning about your:
    • Intellectual interests
    • Career aspirations
    • Preference on type of campus, location and cultural experience
    • On/off-campus resources
    Our focus is on your overall educational experience.

  • Data-driven initial sorting through thousands of accredited colleges, universities and technical schools
  • Followed by individual attention from AcadUSA experts for each client to further filter by:
    • Chance of admittance
    • Financial considerations beyond just tuition
      • Actual total living costs (housing, food, transportation, etc.)
      • Scholarships
      • Fellowships
    • Course offerings and curriculum flexibility
    • Personal preferences for your overall experience
      • Geographical location
      • Locale (city, urban, or somewhere in between
      • Demographic statistics and international student population
    We find the institution(s) that are the absolute best fit for you

  • Quality of faculty members in your field of interest
  • Student-to-faculty ratio
  • On/off-campus technological resources
  • On-campus Research Activities
  • Marketability of degree offered
    • Beware of scam “degree mills” or “diploma mills”
  • Opportunities outside the classroom, on/off-campus
    • Internships
    • Teaching and research assistantships
    We evaluate factors that will that will help you acquire the right knowledge base and experience to position yourself for the career of your dreams

  • If you start with us early, we will guide you through every step of this process
  • Our goal is to make this process simple & easy
    • Workshop to edit and refine your essays
    • Comprehensive checklist to meet all application requirements
    • Admissions packet review before final application
    • Help communicating with officials
    We are here for you at every step, from initial questions about USA a year or more before you plan on starting classes, all the way to picking you up at the airport after you arrive here (limited availability)

  • Accepted to multiple colleges? Deferments? Wait-list?
  • Multiple scholarships from various institutions?
  • No acceptance letters?
  • Means of financial aid
  • Tuition payment plans
  • Counsel before you leave

In addition to the experience from helping others, our staff and affiliates have personally dealt with all of the above scenarios. We will provide the insight you seek

  • Airport pickup (available in select areas of the US)
  • Housing arrangements in safe areas; no guessing required, our staff lives in these areas!
  • Safe housing arrangements for every price range

We have offices in Washington D.C. and Portland Oregon and we offer these services if you plan to enroll in one of hundreds of eligible institutions


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